Let’s Cook : CheeseCake

Let’s Cook : CheeseCake YOOOOOOOW….. U can jump into ** RECIPE ** section to find the recipe for the Cheesecake (^_^). ******* PROLOG ******* This post is tribute to : Tammy Coz she gave me the recipe and taught me how to make it. Yupps.. once in one of our wonderful party in our beloved International House, I tasted this cake, and I was jumping while screaming “OISHIIIII!!!!!! (^_^)“, and I...

Hari yang “Melenangkan” (>_^)

Hari yang “Melenangkan” (>_^) YOOOOOOOW….. Whoaaa…. akhirnya hari ini bisa beristirahat…. beres2 kamar yang berantakan serta mengganti wewangian kamar dari aroma yang “membuat lapar”, menjadi aroma “segar” grape fruit (^_^) Lha trus makhluk apa Melenangkan ini? It stands for : Lelah + Senang + imbuhan Me-kan, jadi deh Melenangkan Sampe smiley nya juga digabung : (>__^) ** ga...

Let’s Cook : Okonomiyaki

Let’s Cook : Okonomiyaki YOOOOOOOW….. ******* PROLOG ******* I looooooooooooooooooooove my mom and my grandma very much…. Karena selama ini gw ga pernah mau dan ga mau tau cara masak memasak… Kalo emang mau makan, ya tinggal teriak ato cari ke dapur… Kalo ga ada, mending beli deh.. toh udah murah, bisa pilih2 lagi (^_^). Tapi setelah mengarungi samudra dan berlabuh plus tinggal di Jepang,...

I HATE Goodbye (>_<)

I HATE Goodbye (>_ YOOOOOOOW……. There will always a Goodbye time for every Meeting And I HATE it very much….. It’s been 5 months since I came to Japan and meet them. They are the senpai that pick me up at the time I arrived here. It’s like a tradition, that whenever the newcomer come, all the former students (in this exchange program) will pick up and show around the city, take a...

アンクルン - ANGKLUNG

アンクルン - ANGKLUNG YOOOOOOOW……. YOSH… after four months in Japan…. and learn Japanese Language almost everyday (including homework, quiz, etc.), I can feel that my nihonggo is improved (^_^) Really thank you for All the Sensei who taught me up till’ now… So, this time I’m tryin’ to write in Japanese (^_^). Actually this is part of my task in da class.. But, whatever...

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