Nobody Defines You!

One of my mood booster and way to find inspiration is through youtube, and this video just pop up on the right side of recommended ones. What interest me is the title and the thumbnail of the video, "How Do YOU Define Yourself" by Lizzie Velasquez, and the thumbnail shown a very thin woman who looks like an alien **well that's my first impression when looking at the picture...

Beratnya Mengikhlaskan

Ceritanya Sabtu kemarin waktu mau antri beli tiket nonton The Secret Life of Walter Mitty tiba-tiba di depan mba2 ticket nya bingung, loh kok dompet saya ga ada.. ah ketinggalan paling ya mikirnya, karena emang bawa tas yang beda dan feeling saya si dompet itu ada di tas yang satunya. OK, hari berganti lupa lah akan itu dompet sampai ketika besoknya waktu mau ambil uang beli sesuatu di...


Re-BORN YOOOOOOOW…. Almost two years since I wrote my last post in my blog…. how I miss to write here again…. sorry my blog that neglect u… It’s been ups and down in my life in this two years… finding my passion, working on my final project… distracted with dancing which become one of my PASSION right now… graduated from my lovely ITB… getting...

Live Life to The Fullest

Live Life to The Fullest YOOOOOOOW….. Whatever happened in my life… I LOVE MY LIFE…. (^_^) Let’s do the best and enjoy the life to the fullest… SEMANGAAAAAAAT!!!!!

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