Review of WMDDA 2013

Review of WMDDA 2013 Berhubung sudah mulai latihan dance lagi persiapan CSTD Contemporary Examination di bulan April mendatang, akhirnya ketemu lagi sama temen2 dan anak2 dari WiLD MiLD setelah terakhir kita showcase bareng di WiLD MiLD December Dance Act (WMDDA) 2013 Desember yang lalu. Seru dan berkesannya WMDDA kemarin juga masih terngiang dan terbayang hingga sekarang, dan kita pun kalau denger lagu2 yang kita...

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty YOOOOOOOW….. I watched this movie yesterday on my 2 SKS routine together with my lovely one for sure, and we had a lot of fun and laugh watching this, not to mention some "wow" moment when watching the beautiful scenery in here. The story is quite simple, Mitty (Ben Stiller) who is a regular worker at LIFE magazine and also a daydreamer, which often has a really cool...

10.000 BC

10.000 BC ** Pics taken from wikipedia ** YOOOOOOOW….. just watched 10.000 BC yesterday (^_^), with Manasa san and 3 other Indian. It’s a movie with a touching and inspiring content. The mainstream of the story actually is simple, the man who is a hunter from mountain tribe is chasing and trying to rescue his kidnapped lover The story evolves with prehistoric animal, predators, etc....

American Idol (Season 7) – what an AWESOME show

American Idol (Season 7) – what an AWESOME show YOOOOOOOW…. Pics taken from somewhere over the internet **sorry forgot the site** As the title said, I really feel that American Idol (Season 7) is an AWESOME show, when I was watching it since this last couple months, this show draw me many kinds of feeling: happy, sad, weird, also made me doing many things while watching it: applauding, screaming, laughing, etc. I really enjoy...

“The Producers” by Mel Brooks

“The Producers” by Mel Brooks YOOOOOOOW…… It’s all started from Tammy (My friend from Taiwan), “Hey ivan, do u wanna go to the concert next Tuesday?” “What concert ?” “Dunno yet…. but it seems popular” “Heee ???? should we pay for it?” “Actually yes, but my friend will give it for free…” Karena emang pada dasarnya suka yang...

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