Nobody Defines You!

One of my mood booster and way to find inspiration is through youtube, and this video just pop up on the right side of recommended ones. What interest me is the title and the thumbnail of the video, "How Do YOU Define Yourself" by Lizzie Velasquez, and the thumbnail shown a very thin woman who looks like an alien **well that's my first impression when looking at the picture thumbnail**and that image is totally changed after watching this video. 

I can't imagine myself on her position back then, being different, bullied, posted on youtube with the label "The world's ugliest woman". But what inspires me that she never give up although she was facing many hard and tough things in her life because of the syndrome that she has, and she even made and turned those bad things into motivation in her life.

"Just use their negativity to light your fire and keep going in life"

That's just so right, but easy to say and hard to do. Most of the time in every things that we do, there'll always be people who support and also hate us. Sometimes hearing bad comments can demotivate and stop us from what we do. That is the defining moment, DON'T STOP, just keep on going, because the best way to get back to those people who made fun of us, underestimated and mock us is to make ourself better and show them that they are wrong with our goals, success and accomplishments.

What Lizzie said in that video is so right, what define us is NOT our physical appearance or syndrome or whatever it is that even we can't change that, instead embrace it because it's surely the gift that god given to us. Where we come from, background, friend is also NOT the thing that define us. It is our goals, success and accomplishments are the one that define us.

To achieve the goal, the formula is simple: just simply write all the goals and targets and work hard to achieve that. Of course it will not be an instant, maybe take years in process, but those process and the results of our success are really the things that define us. 

"Your life is in your hand"
Absolutely right! Let's work our ass off and get ready for whatever happened in front of us! 

It's me who define myself with what I am doing and achieving, not anybody or anything else.
Thanks Lizzie for reminding it :)

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